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CRM 2011 Repeated Login Prompt

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Updated at the bottom for the CRM 2011 Release Candidate.

I’ve had this issue recently and it was driving me crazy. The CRM worked fine from the server with http://localhost and http://server-name, but if I tried to access it from anywhere else, I was repeatedly asked for login credentials. I got around it temporarily by adding a host header to the site, but this still caused me problems when trying to access the web services.

I’ve read some articles suggesting the below method to fix this:

  • go to IIS manager
  • select the CRM website
  • select Authentication
  • select windows authentication
  • click on Providers, and add kerberos as the second enabled provider after NTLM

Unfortunately, this didn’t work for me. Instead, I got it working by editing the file  %windir%system32inetsrvconfigapplicationHost.config as below.

For all of the CRM web site nodes find and replace all instances of: –

<windowsAuthentication enabled="true" />


<windowsAuthentication enabled="true" useAppPoolCredentials="true" />

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Dec 10, 2010 at 5:00 pm

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