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CRM Outlook Client Spell Check

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Recently, a customer has found that spell checking is not available when typing into forms on the CRM Outlook client. Spell checking is built into Internet Explorer and works fine on the web client, so I wanted to find a way to get it working in Outlook.


Using this MSDN article, I found that adding a registry key may help. After some trial and error, the following key and value had the desired effect.


Now when making a typo in a CRM form via the Outlook client, the error is underlined in red and spell checking works as expected.


I’ve made the registry update available to download and run from here if you’d like to use it yourself. Just extract the file from the zip, run it and restart Outlook.

This has only been tested on a Windows 8.1 system with IE11, but I believe it should also work with IE10. However, it’s unlikely that it will work on any versions of Windows prior to 8.

Please note that changing your registry can cause problems with your system. Only make changes if you have a backup and understand what you are doing.

Written by neilmcd

Jan 27, 2015 at 4:21 pm

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