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IE8 crashing when using picklists in Advanced Finds

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I’ve been having an issue where IE8 would crash when trying to use picklists in advanced finds (see below example).

It may not be a common issue, but I posted it on the MS partner forums and got the below response which has fixed it for me, so hopefully it will help someone else out too!

Edit AdvFind.aspx and add the following code. AdvFind.aspx can be found in the CRM web directoryAdvancedFind

NOTE: The code needs to be added right below function window.onload(){

<% if (Request.Params["AutoRun"] != "False")
if (location.href.indexOf("?") > 0)
location.href = location.href + "&AutoRun=False";
location.href = location.href + "?AutoRun=False";

Written by neilmcd

Jul 14, 2010 at 10:05 am

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